Trevor Baca

Trevor Baca is VP of software engineering at Jaduka and oversees software engineering, real-time systems engineering, telephony services development, information architecture, usability, and user-experience engineering teams. He has ten years' experience in telephony and software development and has held senior leadership roles in software development, systems engineering, strategy, product development, and human-computer interaction.

Baca also holds a similar title at NetworkIP, the parent company of Jaduka, and a leading platform provider in prepaid telephony since 1998. At NetworkIP, he led research and development of the second-generation Kodiak services platform. He was instrumental in bringing both metrics-based and user-centered development to the product life cycles of the different parts of the Jaduka technology portfolio. Baca also researched and directed the development of the NetworkIP iQT® realtime QoS analysis and correction system, covered in US 6,914,967.

Earlier in his career, Baca worked at Simplified Development Corporation as director of systems engineering and oversaw the development of Simplified Ventana®, one of the first telephony provisioning systems developed through extensive user modeling and user-experience engineering. He led the development and internationalization of the Simplified Open Services Platform, together with the deployment and integration of the platform in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. He also conducted the research and implementation of the switching and protocol modeling technologies collected in US 6,292,554.

Baca received a B.A. in the honors program from the University of Texas.