Kaden Harris

Kaden Harris (a.k.a. Eccentric Genius) makes antiques from a parallel universe: museum-quality miniature catapults and machina arcana, handcrafted corporate gifts, and executive rewards. He lives in Vancouver, B.C., with his wife, "The Sourceress," and six shopcats: Tolka, Miqo, Aggie, Jasper, Pugsley, and The Giant Cat-Bear.

Eccentric Cubicle Eccentric Cubicle
by Kaden Harris
October 2007
Print: $29.99

"Harris, the product of an unorthodox career path and an overused library card, leads readers into a parallel universe of desk-sized, scrap-material building projects that will personalize office cubicles and incite pure envy in co-workers. "
--Shannon Hendrickson, SciTech Book News

"Eccentric Cubicle offers oblique industrial design and fabrication philosophies, countless cultural reference points, and innumerable bad puns...This book is a dream come true for you office-bound souls who are tech DIY enthusiasts, hobbyist engineers/designers, and Makers at heart."
--Manfred Moser, Vancouver Island Java User Group

"If you're already comfortable with soldering metal, turning wood, and playing with electrical wiring, then this book will point you in the direction of some fun gadgets and gizmos to make. If you're a neophyte like me, this book may inspire you to explore your tool drawer and look at scraps in an entirely different way."
--Anna Creech, Blogcritics Magazine

"Eccentric Cubicle is an educational and entertaining read, whether or not you want a mail-flinging ballista on your desk."
--John Baichtal, GeekDad: Wired Blog Network

"This is the ultimate guide for those who have a desire to make their work environment more exciting, and perhaps, dangerous. The author, a talented inventor has written, and thankfully illustrated, a do-it-yourself guide to building a unique collection of oddities that are certain to enliven any cubicle. His Active Desktop is a clever version of a French revolutionary guillotine; his Haz-o-Matic, is a haze producing fog machine; and the iBlow USB Bubble Machine is rather self-descriptive. The book makes fascinating reading even if you lack the talent or desire to actually build one of the projects."
--Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report

"From a homemade bubble blower and a desk guitar to a guillotine, this book takes you step by step through some pretty odd projects. Your cubicle definitely will be the talk of the office."
--Melissa L. Jones, Arkansas Democrat Gazette

"If you're comfortable working with tools and such, this book will be a fun stretch for you. If you're brand new to the MAKE culture, this is probably a bit beyond your initial capabilities (unless you're just plain stubborn, incredibly talented, or both). But if you're into these types of contraptions and want an entertaining read by a talented builder *and* writer, by all means go for it."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"If you like the guerilla DIY style of Make and Craft magazines, you'll like this book. 'nuf said."
--Susan Prosser, Amazon.com