Ken Lunde

Ken Lunde

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San Jose, California

Ken Lunde was born in 1965 in Madison, Wisconsin, grew up in greater-metropolitan Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, and entered the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985 as a freshman. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in linguistics in 1987. He received his Master of Arts degree in linguistics in 1988. He finally received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in linguistics in 1994, and his dissertation was entitled "Prescriptive Kanji Simplification." He joined Adobe Systems in 1991, and is currently Senior Computer Scientist 2 in CJKV Type Development.

CJKV Information Processing CJKV Information Processing
by Ken Lunde
Second Edition December 2008
Print: $59.99
Ebook: $47.99

CJKV Information Processing CJKV Information Processing
by Ken Lunde
January 1999
Ebook: $55.99

Understanding Japanese Information Processing Understanding Japanese Information Processing
by Ken Lunde
September 1993

" dealing with CJKV specifically I've found that Lunde's work is indispensable. It is not just my go to reference, it's essentially my only reference. "
--JR Peck,

"This is a book that deserves a place in any library with holdings on linguistics, computer programming, typesetting, type design, Unicode, information processing, and--of course--any of the CJKV languages. A tour de force and a delight to read. Ken Lunde is a master technical communicator."
--Major Keary, Linux Users of Victoria Inc.

"A must-have reference for multilingual computing"
--Ultan Ó Broin, MultiLingual

"I've kept Ken Lunde's CJKV Information Processing with me as I worked on enabling softare in East Asian languages since it was JAPAN.INFO and downloadable from FTP servers in the late 1980s. There's no better place to find everything you need to know about the key technical issues when dealing with Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. I've referred to it when building speech recognition, Web authoring and now Web browsing softare. The additional content in the Second Edition makes it well worth the upgrade from the first."
--Harley Rosnow,