Stefan Seip

Currently living in Stuttgart,Germany, Stefan Seip works as a professional fine art photographer, an IT consultant, and a science writer. His enthusiasm for the activities and objects of the cosmos dates back to his early adolescence. Driven by his innate desire to capture beauty in images, it was only natural to combine his two loves; astronomy and photography.

It is only recently--decades later--that Stefan started to grasp what he had gotten himself into. Although, he still enjoys visual astronomy, astrophotography has gained the upper hand, requiring his full commitment. He said, "Had I foreseen the amount of time, perseverance, technology, know-how, and (in the end) money would be necessary in order to produce first-class images, I would have had second thoughts about it--only to pursue the same path again!"

Astrophotography grants him many unforgettable hours under the night sky, while it allows him to produce aesthetically rewarding and lasting results. His love for this challenging craft is evident in his many spectacular images.

To learn more about Stefan Seip, and to see his stunning astrophotos and fine art images, visit his website at

"Seip does an outstanding job of breaking down a complex subject so that beginners can understand and enjoy it. The pictures in the book show the potential of the techniques he demonstrates. The only problem with the book is that you WILL want to be out in the middle of the night with a telescope, a laptop, and a camera, taking pictures of your own."
--Warren Kelly, Blogcritics Magazine

"Digital Astrophotography, unlike many books on the subject, does not overwhelm you with too much information that it becomes incomprehensible. Rather, it sticks to the basics while providing a large amount of information. If you have any interest in astrophotography, then Digital Astrophotography: A Guide To Capturing The Cosmos is highly recommended."
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine