Sarah Boslaugh

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Sarah Boslaugh is the Director of New Titles for Golson Media. She holds a PhD in Research and Evaluation from the City University of New York and have been working as a statistical analyst for 15 years, in a variety of professional settings, including the New York City Board of Education, the Institutional Research Office of the City University of New York, Montefiore Medical Center, the Virginia Department of Social Services, Magellan Health Services, Washington University School of Medicine, and BJC HealthCare. She has taught statistics in several different contexts and currently teaches the two-semester sequence in Statistics at Washington University Medical School. Her other books include An Intermediate Guide to SPSS Programming: Using Syntax for Data Management (SAGE Publications, 2004), Secondary Data Sources for Public Health (Cambridge U. Press, 2007), and Heatlhcare Systems Around the World (SAGE Publications, 2013). She also edited the most recent update of Careers and Occupations (Gale/Cengage, 2014), was Editor in Chief for the Encyclopedia of Epidemiology (SAGE Publications, 2007) General Editor for the Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Society (SAGE Publications, 2014).