James Reinders

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Parallel Programming Evangelist. I am passionate about Parallel Programming and Parallel Computer Architecture. Fast computers! I have had the great fortune to help make key contributions to two of the world's fastest computers (#1 on the "Top500" lists many times) and many other supercomputers. I am working as an independent consultant on parallel computing, high performance computing (HPC, AI, ML, CPUs, FPGAs, GPUs, and accelerators of all kinds). I previously worked at Intel until 2016. During my 10,001 days at Intel, I contributed to many projects including the world's first TeraFLOP/s supercomputer (ASCI Red) and the world's first TeraFLOP/s microprocessor. Today, I continue to publish articles and do consulting in areas related to high performance computing, and applications that use high performance computing including AI/ML. I am always looking to improve the methods and tools for Parallel Programming through better models, understanding and training. I have authored/edited to create nine books (so far) reflecting this passion. I have also taught many courses, classes, tutorials, and workshops. I am familiar with many software developer markets from embedded to HPC.