George Barr

George Barr is a photographer living in Calgary, Canada. Serious about photography since age 12, working initially with a WWII Zeiss Ikonta and a basement bathroom, he has progressed through medium format, 4X5 and now digital SLR's. He earns his living as a family doctor with a special interest in psychiatry but his primary passion has always been the fine art print.

Major milestones include learning to make quality prints from Fred Picker, learning to really 'see' photographs from Hubert Hohn of the Edmonton Art Gallery, looking at Edward Weston prints bare, attending workshops, working with galleries and being published.

George has had his images in 'Black and White Photography', 'Black and White', 'Focus', 'Lenswork', and 'Outdoor Photography' (Br.).

By the time George closed his darkroom, he was making very high quality prints and carried on this quality with digital cameras and inkjet printing, producing some of the finest inkjet prints made, surprising many traditional 4X5 photographers with the quality.

Throughout life George has been a teacher - of medical students and residents, of patients, and fellow photographers. A writer of underestandable patient newsletters and handouts, it was a short step to writing essays on photography. George has bravely tackled the challenging subjects of aesthetics, seeing, and composing, in a style that is clear, practical and applicable to many.

"This book does an excellent job of gathering together some of the great modern photographers and reviewing particularly striking imagery from each of them. But what makes this book truly unique, and brilliantly useful, is Barr's analysis of each image followed immediately by the photographers' biographies and perspectives on their own works."
--Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler, Photographer's Forum/

"If you’ve ever wanted to increase your appreciation of good photography, this book is an excellent place to start."
--Doug Bardwell, The Cleveland Examiner

"Fifty-two pick-up is easy to play with George Barr’s most recent book. Whether you read it chronologically or let it fall open to a new image each time, Why Photographs Work — 52 Great Images: Who Made Them, What Makes Them Special and Why (Rockynook) will entertain, enlighten, and inspire...From my own experience I can enthusiastically recommend this book as a valuable resource for anyone who wants to become a better photographer. Why Photographs Work — 52 Great Images: Who Made Them, What Makes Them Special and Why will also be a significant source for those who simply enjoy photography as art and enjoy studying great images."
--Frank Etier, Technorati

"Recommended for photography lovers. "
--Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor

"If you only get one “big” book this year, make it this one! "
--Del Missier, MacTracks, August 2010

"Overall, I liked reading the book and I got some good reminders about the basics of photography."

"This is a must-have book for digital photographers."
--Meredith Greene, Sacramento Book Review

"For anyone in a situation remotely similar to mine where learning must be piecemeal, Barr’s instructions on making fine photographs through examples tips and techniques are quite invaluable. Without hesitation I can say that this book would make a wonderful Christmas gift."
--Gordon Cook, Cook's Collaborative Edge

""Examples: The Making of Forty Photographs" by Ansel Adams is one of the great books of photography. In it the noted landscape artist described the decisions he made from idea to print in creating some of his greatest photographs. From Camera to Computer may be the equivalent for the digital age. "
--Conrad J. Obregon,

"At the very least, take time to leaf through this book and find those special photos on black paper that have the most comments, and while you are at it, look at all the other ones as well. There is much for you here."
--Sally Brown, Mouse Tales Newsletter, North Coast Macintosh Users Group of Cleveland, OH