Philipp Lenssen


Born in 1977, Philipp Lenssen is a web developer, blogger and author from Germany. Since 2003, Philipp runs Google Blogoscoped at, a daily news source started in Malaysia covering all things Google, from Gmail, Orkut and web search to Google Docs, usability issues, YouTube and everything in-between. The blog also spawned a book called 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Philipp likes to tinker with programming, drawing, writing and game design, and has a special interest in the intersections among those areas.



“...a hundred-some very practical entries on ways to make these Google Apps do a lot of the little tricks (some, power tools) that make all the difference to personal productivity but that aren't always obvious without a little extra advice...Bottom line: Google Apps, The Missing Manual and Google Apps Hacks are two great choices for people with a more than casual interest in using Google online applications.”
— Martin Winston, Newstips Bulletin
“I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning the details of the "new" Google technology, which probably will be common knowledge in a few years. So, before your PTA sends you a Google spreadsheet signup sheet, or your granddaughter sends you a school paper via a Google document link, you may want to read this book.”
— Jim Oser, GGCS Newsletter, September 2008 Issue
“All in all, I found this book well worth reading and I'd recommend it to anyone who has an interest in making better use of the Google applications. ”
— Dave Cross,
“I thought this was a great book that was well-written and easy to follow. It opened my eyes to many of the possibilities that currently exist within Google products. If you're looking to get more out of your Google experiences, this book is highly recommended. ”
— Mike George,
“The advantage of the Google Apps Hacks book is it is a nice stable book that you can read and annotate. I find it very helpful to use the table of contents and simply focus on the specific hacks that I see will immediately serve my communication purposes.”
— Lee McKusick, Slashdot
“This is an essential guide for anyone wishing to expand the functionality of Google Apps and associated programs for either personal use or a business application.”
— Shannon Hendrickson, SciTech Book News
“There's so much information in this book that you're bound to learn new ways of working with Google Apps and taking your productivity on another level. Lenssen does a good job with a clear writing style and tips for both novice and seasoned users. All in all, O'Reilly once again delivers a great title from the Hacks series, one that every Google user should take a look at.”
— HNS Staff, Help Net Security
“I've found this to be an extremely useful book. I've used it setting up a Google Site. I've learned about some web applications from Google and from others that I didn't even know existed...[T]his is a solid book full of useful material,”
— JR Peck,
“As with all Hacks titles, some items will be absolute gems for you, while others will hold no interest. That's OK, and it's to be expected. All it takes is one or two hacks to make a radical change in the way you do things. In terms of usefulness, Google Apps Hacks ranks up there with the best of the Hacks titles.”
— Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings
“There are no other books, that I'm aware of, devoted to Google's office applications currently on the market, so if you are looking to get the most out of the applicaions this is about it- and it covers a lot of the beyond the basics nicely. As for the hacks, the author does point out several times who came up with the hack, so it there's been commentary on it, you can go, um, "Google it." Worth picking up for power users.”
— Zoltan Hunt,
“My verdict? It’s really good. Part of my job is to know obscure things about Google, yet several of the hacks in this book discussed tricks that I didn’t know...If you’re looking for a gift for a savvy user, anyone with an interest in Google, or someone that uses Gmail/Google Calendar/Google Docs/Google Spreadsheets, then I’d definitely recommend this book.”
— Matt Cutts, Gadgets, Google, and SEO
“This book should attract programmers (and other Web citizens) who want to investigate and test drive the latest cool things that many people are having fun with -- and a bunch more are making money from. ”
— Brett Merkey,