Adam Stolarz


Adam Stolarz is a writer, gadget-user, and gamer, who has been using and defending Apple products since his earliest technological memories. Before graduating high school in 2007, he worked in the field of in-car computers, dissecting and assembling carputers, and contributing to books about in-car hacking and internet video. As a tech-inclined Millennial, he has always kept a Mac laptop in his possession as the most stable, productive link in his computing chain, while keeping a PC as a lovable old crashable gaming machine. He is also an avid user of mobile information, maps, the web, communication, etc. He can't wait until his iPhone does every single thing his laptop can. He lives in Los Angeles, California.



Webcast: iPhone Hacking - Intermediate & Advanced May 15, 2009 This webcast will focus on the last two chapters of iPhone Hacks, involving hardware and software development.


“The authors donft pretend to know it all and yet they provide us with exactly the knowledge we need by calling on contributors from an electrical engineering student to a photographer to a teen]age App Store entrepreneur. The information is presented in a non]threatening, very easy to read format. Probably the highest praise I can give the authors is: I didnft know I wanted to hack my iPhone until I read this book. And now I know I can.”
— Donna Robertson, Macsimum News
“Overall, this is an amazing book, clearly and thoroughly describing the dozens of ways you can truly make your iPhone your own. It manages to cover challenging information fairly and accurately in a manner that will appeal to any adventurous, curious and technically-minded reader. Even if you never plan to do anything other then the tamest “hacks” to your iPhone, browsing this book will teach you a lot about your phone as a computer, and leave you stimulated and fascinated.”
— Mike Silverman, Lawrence Apple Users Group