Torsten Andreas Hoffmann

Torsten Andreas Hoffmann is mostly known as the photographer and author of illustrated books on New York, Paris, Rome, and the Himalayas. He regularly teaches workshops on photography with an emphasis on composition and black and white photography. Hoffmann is a regular contributor to LFI, the highly acclaimed international journal published by Leica.

The Art of Black and White Photography The Art of Black and White Photography (Rocky Nook)
by Torsten Andreas Hoffmann
May 2008

"Overall I consider it a useful book even if just for the excellent section on picture composition which is where, for me, the real art of photography lies."
--Neil Davis,

"Each chapter is so beautifully written...Even if there was not one picture, the writing is so strong and so well thought out, and so well developed, that as a writer alone Torsten Andreas Hoffmann gets three thumbs up."
--John Nemerovski, Pixiq

"This book will help aspiring photographers see the beauty in capturing the essence of a shot, later taking the Camera Raw image into the digital darkroom."
--Ariane Colenbrander,

"...this book is a good guide for beginners and also for people wanting to hone their photographic skills. "
--Samira Sukhija, Better Photography

"Hoffmann's included photographic examples are stunning, dramatic, and inspiring. They average over one per page, in highest quality printing."
--John Nemerovski, MyMac Magazine

"If you are interested to learn about black and white photographing, this book will be the best resource for you to start, and the photographs included in the book give you a good practical experience you do not want to miss."
--Rafiq Elmansy, Graphic Mania

"...a new book that will be of great interest to anyone who is working in digital black-and-white, or anyone who's just considering it. "
--Paul W. Faust, Double Exposure

"Don't buy the book because I'm recommending it. Buy it because it will help you look at things more visually, because you'll notice art in everyday life - even help you fall in love with the black and white medium - almost like I have."
--BangaloreGuy (Prasanna),

"...a good, all-encompassing guide to anyone who wants to take black and white photography further than the experimental stage. Hoffman covers the technical aspects, certainly -- and he spends a helpful amount of time on useful Photoshop tools -- but the best part of the book is his critical eye directed at photographs reproduced within. Hoffman examines images and explains them, both the technical aspect of composition and lighting, but also the thematic ones that make a photograph interesting. In this way, Hoffman's book functions as a very suitable replacement for a studio class in the art form -- highly recommended. "
--John E. Mitchell, North Adams Transcript

"While this book is intended primarily to take good black and white photographs. The concepts of photography and image composition explained in this book apply equally for color photographs. This book however is not meant for absolute amateurs but will be very useful to medium to high experience level photographers. For me, the best feature of the book is the large number of sample images, which are an absolute treat with some of them really beautiful. I recommend the book heartily for anyone interested in black and white photography or just photography in general. "

"If you want to gain new skills with working with black and white photographs, then I recommend this probing and penetrating work."
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine