Sunil Wadhwa

Sunil Wadhwa has been in the data networking industry for more than 13 years, focusing on systems, network routing, and security in enterprise and service provider organizations. He started his career in India at GTL Limited and SAP India, and then held a variety of roles in technical support, network operations, and engineering. He moved to the United States and worked with E4E as a network consultant for routing and security, and then joined Juniper Networks as an advanced technical support engineer for firewall/VPN products. He currently leads the Advance Technical Support team for Juniper Networks, supporting enhanced services products. He lives in California with his beautiful wife, Lavanya, and little angel daughter, Sneha.

ScreenOS Cookbook ScreenOS Cookbook
by Stefan Brunner, Vik Davar, David Delcourt, Ken Draper, Joe Kelly, Sunil Wadhwa
February 2008
Print: $54.99
Ebook: $43.99