Chris Eagle


Chris Eagle is a Senior Lecturer and Associate Chairman of Computer Science at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. He is a co-author of Gray Hat Hacking and has spoken at numerous security conferences, including Blackhat, Defcon, Toorcon, and Shmoocon.


The IDA Pro Book (No Starch) by Chris Eagle Second Edition June 2011


“This updated edition of The IDA Pro Book is well-organized, smoothly written, and nicely illustrated.”
— Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions
“The book is highly recommended to both beginners and intermediate/advanced users and professionals, and definitely it is a dense (like the tool it covers) but very easy to read book that becomes a reference in your bookshelves the minute it reaches your hands.”
— Raul Siles, RaDaJo
“...should you buy this book? If you already have (some) RE knowledge and plan on using IDA (even if only the free version), the answer is a resounding yes.”
— Hype-Free
“Apart from being a great source of information and ideas on how to leverage IDA's power, the writing is also particularly solid, with few or no errors, which is a notable exception to many technical books published nowadays.”
The IDA Pro Book is the best manual around for getting in touch with every single thing that you are able to do with IDA Pro.”
“With The IDA Pro Book, you'll learn how to turn that mountain of mnemonics into something you can actually use.”
— Mirko Zorz, (IN) SECURE Magazine
“If you'd like to learn how to use IDA efficiently, how to tailor it to your needs and automate your static analysis tasks, this is your book.”
“Time-saving, efficiency-increasing, and skill-enhancing, there is little reason for any IDA Pro user to not pick up The IDA Pro Book.”
— Diane Donavan, Midwest Book Review
“...a significantly better understanding not of just IDA Pro itself, but of the entire RE process.”
— Ryan Linn, Slashdot
“Excellent book! Recommended if you are into Reverse Engineering and not only specific for IDA. Well written with lots of examples. Really enjoyed it.”
— Reverse Engineering Mac OS X Blog
“ should take a look at The IDA Pro Book.”
— John H. Sawyer, Dark Reading
“Whether you need to solve a tough runtime defect or examine your application security from the inside out, IDA Pro is a great tool and this book is THE guide for coming up to speed.”
— Joe Stagner, Microsoft's Opinionated Misfit Geek
“[T]his book does definitely get a strong buy recommendation from me. It's well written and it covers IDA Pro more comprehensively than any other written document I am aware of (including the actual IDA Pro Manual).”
“Unlike the two other books I've read on IDA Pro this book has no fluff or filler, its solid information.”
— Eric Hulse, technology blogger, Carnal0wnage Blog
“Chris Eagle delivers a very concise, well laid out book in The IDA Pro Book. The step by step examples, and much needed detail of all aspects of IDA alone make this book a good choice.”
— Cody Pierce, TippingPoint DVLabs MindshaRE Blog
“This is not the first book about IDA Pro. However, this is the first book I recommend to anyone using IDA Pro...”
— Ilfak Guilfanov, creator of Ida Pro, Hex Blog