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Jesse Stay

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South Jordan, Utah

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Jesse Stay, The "Social" Geek, runs his own Social Media consulting and development business called Stay N' Alive Productions, LLC, and has consulted for some of the top 100 applications on Facebook. Within just 2 months, he successfully sold his first Facebook application that he wrote in just a week. He is the author of I'm on Facebook -- Now What???, a book targeted towards helping individuals and business owners better manage their lives through Facebook. You can follow him on his blog,

FBML Essentials FBML Essentials
by Jesse Stay
July 2008
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $23.99

Webcast - Creating Facebook Applications: A Beginner's Guide
November 07, 2008
Facebook is taking the world by storm! In this session you'll learn how your apps talk to Facebook, how Facebook talks back, where to find the information you need, viral integration points to promote your app, and learn the very basics of creating a...

"FBML Essentials is a slim little volume in the world of massive technical books. The author, Jesse Stay has accomplished something many projects and authors can't seem to avoid, scope creep. This little book stays right on target providing FBML documentation with a few extras as book-ends. One will not be forced to spend half their time with the book skimming over information not directly related to the topic at hand...The index is solid and I highly recommend this handy reference to anyone doing Facebook application development. "
--JR Peck,

"This book is a short, clear, and easy introduction to creating that app you have been longing to make, whether for a business, a non-profit entity or club, or just for fun. The information is presented in a very logical order and the descriptions of each item are clear and useful without being burdensome or boring you with too much detail...Anyone interested in having a little Facebook fun in your free time (or for a client…) would find the book useful and beneficial."
--Matthew Helmke,

"Author Jesse Stay, has done an outstanding job of writing a book that is intended to be your guide to perhaps the most important and basic components of the platform: FBML"
--John R. Vacca, Tech Write Independent Reviewer,

"FBML Essentials provides everything that a programmer would need to make a new Facebook application. "
--Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews