Darrell Young

Darrell Young (DigitalDarrell) is an information technology engineer by trade and has been an avid photographer for over 35 years. He has a rather large family, with his wife and five children, so he has a constantly interesting flow of photographic opportunities. In fact, his entire family uses Nikon cameras to pursue what has become a cohesive family hobby.

Darrell delights in using Nikon's newest digital cameras but if pressed, he will admit to being a "closet" film user too. Living next to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has given him a real concern for, and interest in, nature photography. Darrell loves to write, as you can see in the Resources area of the Nikonians.org community. He joined the community in the year 2000, and his literary contributions led to his invitation to become a Founding Member of the Nikonians Writers Guild.

"Darrell's friendly and informative writing style allows readers to easily follow directions, while feeling as if a friend dropped in to share his knowledge. The learning experience for new D600 users goes beyond just the camera itself and covers basic photography technique."
--Steve Brock, Stevo's Book Reviews

"With this newfound knowledge you'll move beyond point-and-shoot and begin taking truly great photographs."
--Tadson Bussey, UCDA, Designer Magazine, Spring 2012, Vol. 37, No. 1

"As far as a guide to help you get a deep connection for what the camera can do, it's definitely going to hit the mark."
--Brian Masa Tokuyoshi, Amazon.com

"A very useful book that provides a large amount of useful photographic information without assuming that the reader has any previous knowledge. In addition to its target audience, who will find it invaluable, it provides many of the answers to questions that one has not dared ask and so will be of value to anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of photographic principles."
--Adrian Morant, GadgetSpeak

"Mastering the Nikon D7000 provides important experience-based information for any owner of the new D7000 camera: a complicated professional camera that needs explanation and instruction in order to take full advantage of its many advanced features."
--Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch: The Photography Shelf, January 2012, Volume 7, Number 1

"This is the book you need to get if you want information in a friendlier manner than the Nikon user’s manual presents, which I find sometimes a bit academic. "
--Tim Boxer, 15 Minutes Magazine

"...an outstanding book that provides a wealth of knowledge to both the experienced and beginner digital SLR users. Mastering the Nikon D700 by Darrell Young and James Johnson is one of the most user-friendly and easy to read guidebooks I’ve ever read. "
--Zach Solomon-Beloin, Blogcritics.org

"What is so effective about this book is the anecdotal examples throughout. The Nikon manual can be used in conjunction with Mastering the Nikon D700, and the authors refer to specific pages as we wend through the chapters and discover the many features of the camera. Where the manual gives you the nuts and bolts, Mastering the Nikon D700 takes you many steps further by giving you choices and situations which are practical and easy to understand, making it a lot more fun."
--John Nemerovski, MyMac Magazine

"Mastering the Nikon D300 contains a wealth of information and insights for owners of this powerful new camera and surpasses the basic user manual by providing step-by-step menu setting adjustments coupled with illustrations and logical explanations for each option. "
--Stan Ashbrook, PSA Journal

"... if you want a technical guide to setting up your Nikon D300, you can't do better then this. "
--Conrad J. Obregon, Amazon.com