Mark Gurry

As a database administrator on a financial IMS project about eight years ago, Mark Gurry was asked to investigate his company's database direction for the next five years. The number of users was up to 950, the cost of maintaining the mainframes was huge, and he'd heard about relational databases and downsizing. After much investigation, he chose Oracle, and has stuck with the system ever since. He has worked as Manager of Computing and Network Services, senior database administrator, senior Oracle technical support, and other jobs. He now has a small consulting company called New Age Consultants. Mark has worked for many large organizations and is currently working for Telecom Australia, the largest computer site in Australia and one of the largest in the world. He has also spoken on tuning at Oracle user group meetings and has given internal tuning courses at several of his larger client sites. He has been a senior team member on award-winning systems that have been developed using Oracle.

Oracle SQL Tuning Pocket Reference Oracle SQL Tuning Pocket Reference
by Mark Gurry
January 2002
Print: $9.95
Ebook: $7.99

Oracle Performance Tuning Oracle Performance Tuning
by Mark Gurry, Peter Corrigan
Second Edition November 1996
Print: $79.99
Ebook: $63.99

ORACLE Performance Tuning ORACLE Performance Tuning
by Peter Corrigan, Mark Gurry
September 1993