Bill Scott

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Bill is currently an advisor to several tech startups, an angel investor, an author (co-author of the O'Reilly book Designing Web Interfaces), speaker (over 150 talks on engineering & design), and a team coach (co-founder of He has spent his 40 year career in product, design & engineering. Starting as one of the first game developers for the Macintosh, he developed his love for consumer products. In the latter part of his career he focused on senior executive leadership (from startups to established brands like Venmo, PayPal, Netflix). Formerly he was VP of Engineering at Transposit, a Sutter Hill company. At PayPal, he was the CTO for Venmo, Head of PayPal's Global Consumer Engineering & Identity Prod. & Engineering and the founder of the PayPal's Next Gen Commerce team. Prior to this Bill led Global Merchant Engineering, Payment Products, and UI Engineering at PayPal. Before PayPal, he led & established the UI Engineering practice at Netflix. He & his team built the Netflix experience for the web & the first HTML5 TV experiences. Bill led both experience & engineering at Meebo, spent time consulting for startups and large enterprises doing everything from usability to design, developing software, and presenting business strategy ideas to CEOs. At Yahoo!, Bill led Yahoo for Teachers, a web 2.0 community allowing teachers to gather, organize & share content for learning. In addition, as Yahoo's Ajax Evangelist he spread the gospel of "rich and sane" Ajax design & development. He also participated in aspects of the YUI library and as Design Pattern curator helped to launch the public Yahoo! Design Pattern Library. He also co-wrote one of first JavaScript Ajax libraries (Rico). For 30 years Bill has focused on roles in both engineering & design: creating products in areas as diverse as video games, war gaming, IDE tools, airline management and Web consumer sites & apps. Twitter @billwscott Angel for,,,,, Advisor for Transposit, Mister Emilio in Mexico, Pratexo, and In the rest of my time I enjoy coffee, cooking, traveling, and learning.