Shoko Azuma

"Should you get it? If you are taking the subject at that level right now, certainly. If you want to brush up, it's great."
--Damien Kellis, Moe Check!

"This a very good book for beginner to start learning databases with fun. "
--Chetankumar Akarte, xfunda

"I really did learn the basic concepts involved in building and using databases. SQL (Structured Query Language) is no longer a total mystery to me."
--Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Teen Services

"Somehow, it all works together. There’s an awful lot of information conveyed as Ruruna and Cain modernize their country, and I’ll likely refer to the list of “Frequently Used SQL Statements” again. "
--Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading

"This book gets bonus points for having a thorough index and a 'frequently used SQL statements' cheat sheet."
--Gabrielle, Bacon and Tech

"...a light, impressively non-oppressive read, especially considering the technical nature of its subject."
--Scott Green, Ain't It Cool News

"...if you wish to become a database designer in the future, you should try to this book."
--Kee Zhi Qin,

"This book is by far the best book I have read on the subject. I think this book absolutely rocks and recommend it to anyone working with or just interested in databases. "
--James D'Angelo, Geek at Large

"I would say this is a great book for college students, or twenty-somethings that want to learn quickly about databases. Again the information contain in this book is very basic, but it is enought to make you understand the basics, and whet your appetite for more."
--Adam Barrett,

"If you need to learn about databases and you're tired of the Databases for Dummies-type fare, pick up this guide! "
--Jd Banks, Anime3000

"When I got The Manga Guide to Databases from No Starch Press I was all over it because the Japanese-style comics and educational content made it a super fun yet educational read."
--Alicia Hagan, The Mommy Insider

"This is a fun book, there is no denying that. The entire series does have a very clear target for the audience it is aimed at, people who technical book usually bore or fail. Which is quite a lot of people...If you’re in the market to learn more about databases and you hate normal tech books this is a great pickup. "
--Paul Muller, The CaffiNation Podcast

"This book is an excellent introductory book on databases. The author succeeds in presenting a clear, easy-to-understand guide to these database basics, and this approach would also well serve students interested in taking college level computer database classes."
--Dale Farris, Reviews Coordinator, Golden Triangle PC Club

"I enjoyed reading this wittily constructed manga textbook."
--Bill Sherman,

"For an American audience, this is certainly an off-the-beaten-path approach to technical training. However, its ability to effectively plunge into a topic that can be a morass of arcane theory is undeniable. Over the years, we've learned to expect the unexpected from No Starch Press."
--MacDirectory, March 2009 Issue, Page 46

"If I was going to teach a class or introduce a non-technical person to the world of databases, I would most likely start here. The Manga Guide to Databases not only walks you through general database concepts, but reinforces those concepts with a concrete example that is easily expanded to cover more in-depth topics such as indexing, disaster recovery, and replication."
--Brian Fitzpatrick, Blogcrititcs Magazine

"Whether you're new to the whole concept of databases, or a hard-core database geek, you need to have The Manga Guide to Databases. Really,you want this book."
--Josh Berkus, Toolbox for IT

"...does achieve what it intends, which is making sure you know how to understand what databases are and how they work."
--Marielle Riley, Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk

"Without a doubt, The Manga Guide to Databases was the most enjoyable tech book I've ever read...I loved this book and highly recommend it if you'd like a beginner's book with a fun overview of databases, served up manga-style. "
--Rikki Kite, Linux Pro Magazine

"If you are like me and learned things like normalization and set operations from a rather dry text book, you may be quite entertained by the contents of this book. If you would like to teach others about creating and using relational databases and you want it to be fun, this book may be exactly what you need... All the way around this is a solid book and I wish there were more like it in the IT world. "
--JR Peck,