Steve Jewett


Steve Jewett is a software developer with The Boeing Company, where he is involved in the development of network-centric cognitive decision support systems. His software experience started with BASIC and FORTRAN on a DEC PDP 1170 back in high school. The trail from there to the present day includes a litany of languages, a broad spectrum of design strategies and development methodologies, and a bevy of software projects, some of which were actually successful. Over a 20+ year career, he has developed software for automated test equipment, weapon/aircraft integration, embedded systems, desktop applications and web applications. His primary areas of interest are software architecture design and software development methodologies, particularly agile software development and its relationship to lean processes.



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— Ira Laefsky,
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— James Pyles, Million Chimpanzees
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— Ted Davis, Software Engineering Functional Manager, The Boeing Company
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— Bryan Wells, Boeing I&SS Mission System