James Walker

James Walker

  • @walkah

Toronto, Ontario

Areas of Expertise:

  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • OpenID
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing
Passionate about both technology and teaching, James Walker is Lullabot's Director of Education where he oversees the company's public workshops, seminars and private Drupal trainings. A leader in the Drupal community, James is a founding member of the non-profit Drupal Association and the Drupal security team. As a long time member of the Drupal community, James maintains over a dozen modules and has contributed countless patches to Drupal core. A long time believer in Open Source and Open Standards, James has spent years co-ordinating Drupal's involvement with other communities such as Jabber/XMPP and, most recently, OpenID. An engaging speaker, James is a frequently requested presenter at many types of technical conferences. His humorous and informative lectures have been among the most well-attended at DrupalCons, starting with the first - four years ago. James is known as "walkah" on drupal.org.

Using Drupal Using Drupal
by Angela Byron, Addison Berry, Nate Haug, Jeff Eaton, James Walker, Jeff Robbins
December 2008

Webcast: Everything You Wanted to Know about Drupal but were Afraid to Ask
December 05, 2008
In this live, online webcast, Drupal developers Jeff Eaton and James Walker (Using Drupal) will guide newcomers through the nuts and bolts of Drupal's content management system, content management framework, and community.

"Those with a good familiarity with the Drupal CMS system interested in saving time during the planning process will love this book!...What really impressed me was the depth of coverage given within each chapter. "
--Irene Kraus, CEBUG

"This book lived up to my expectations. Using Drupal is easily the best book I have read so far for helping a person who knows nothing about the content management system (but who has a base familiarity with web hosting) figure out how the software works, how to add and configure features, and how to make powerful and useful web sites."
--Matthew Helmke, MatthewHelmke.net

"...a nice gift for the geeks in your family."
--John R. Clark, TCM Reviews

"...a detailed and information-packed guide to the most promising contributed modules, and how they can be best employed for creating common types of Web sites."
--Michael J. Ross, Web Developer, Slashdot.org