Miles Burke

Miles Burke has been involved in designing and developing websites since 1994. In 2002 Miles became the Managing Director of Bam Creative, his design studio located Western Australia. He serves as Chairperson of the Australian Web Industry Association, and was a winner of the "2007 Top 40 under 40" award by Business News.

The Principles of Successful Freelancing The Principles of Successful Freelancing (SitePoint)
by Miles Burke
December 2008
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $29.00

"The style is relaxed, but not at the expense of detail; there is no padding or patronising simplespeak, and readers are not left floundering in technospeak. The author achieves an excellent balance: easy to read and provides a detailed, comprehensive account of everything one needs to know about freelancing."
--Major Keary, Linux Users of Victoria Inc.

"Overall the Principles of Successful freelancing is an excellent guide for everyone who want to head-start their carrier in freelancing and also for people who are recently into freelancing. Thanks to Mikes Burke for his excellent book."
--Akbarsait NoorMohomed, Akbarsait's Blog

"If you are thinking about starting your own freelance business, this book definitely deserves a place on your bookshelf. "
--James Mohr, Linux Pro Magazine, June 2009, Issue 103

"If you are considering a career as a freelancer, especially in the Web design area, you should find this book well worth its price. "
--Richard Mateosian, IEEE Micro, March/April 2009 Issue

"...a straightforward read and very easy to follow along. It contains a wealth of good information as well as a number of interviews with successful freelancers...While The Principles Of Successful Freelancing cannot ensure success as a freelancer, not having it can guarantee that you will learn some of these lessons the hard way. I strongly recommend this book."
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"For anyone considering opening a freelance business, or who has recently begun offering consulting/freelance services, this guidebook provides an excellent introduction to the benefits and limitations of going it on your own. "
--Ira Laefsky,

"I have enjoyed reading this book. In short, the content is about 20% pep talk, 20% reality check, with the remaining 60% being great advice and useful information...The Principles of Successful Freelancing gives great advice about what is really needed to be successful working for yourself."
--Matthew Helmke,