Terry Camerlengo

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Terry has degrees in computer science and philosophy from Ohio State University, where he is currently doing graduate studies in computational biology and bioinformatics. Professionally, he has over ten years of experience in software and systems development in all phases of the software lifecycle. Terry has certifications in C++, Java and SQL Server and has published numerous articles in addition to co-authoring the Apress title The Sun Certified Java Developer (both editions). Currently Terry works at Ohio State University's Comprehensive Cancer Center Biomedical Informatics Core. His work involves areas of bioinformatics such as nucleic-acid sequencing, microarray, cytogenetics, and SNP analysis. Recently, much of his time has been spent designing and building Quest, a software platform for general data management and biological analysis. In his spare time, Terry is working with O'Reilly Media in launching a tech channel for podcasts and interviews of technical authors and notables. Terry is also a pianist, composer, and avid chess player.