Michael Stern

Michael E. Stern, a professional photographer since graduating from Art Center College of Design in 1979, has been working in the entertainment industry with The Walt Disney Co., Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios, and Sid & Marty Krofft Pictures among others. He has photographed executives, celebrities, products, architecture and created special visual effects. In 1995, he added digital imaging solutions to his repertoire. In 2000 while working on a project for Disney's California Adventure he honed his skill set as a digital restoration expert and continues working today on a variety of other projects. In addition to beta testing hardware and software for several companies, Michael is also adjunct faculty at Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, CA as an instructor in digital imaging, reflective metering techniques and location lighting for budding photojournalists. Finally he has produced customized Photoshop tutorials for working professionals who need precise, clear information, presented in an innovative way.

Build a Better Photograph Build a Better Photograph (Rocky Nook)
by Michael Stern
November 2009

"There is a lot of theory and practical advice in this book and accompanying DVD. More than one would think given its size. For those photographers who would like a fly-on-the-wall view of what it's like to put together large production photo sessions this book is a godsend. The amount of information offered is impressive. But even more so is the practical advice and guidance of one who has been there, done that, over and over again. It is immensely enjoyable to read. The layout, along with the DVD, is easy to follow. This is a great reference work to be used over a lifetime by those who wish to see how Michael Stern did it, and how, in turn, they can do it too."
--Artie Alinikoff, MyMac Magazine

"This is a thoughtful guide that inspires introspection and, perhaps, a new way of creating images based on an idea. Truly a guide for the mind."
--Derek Pell, Zoom Street Magazine