David Futato

InDesign expert, Deke Press design mastermind

David Futato is a full-time freelance designer and the design mastermind behind the One-on-One series. Having worked in design and production in both publishing and advertising for the last fifteen years, he brings real-world experience to his projects—he's wrestled with nearly every kind of layout, file format, schedule, press issue, and client one can imagine. In addition to the One-on-One books, his credits include the interior book designs for the Animal and Digital Media series from O'Reilly Media. David holds a Bachelor of Science in writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Adobe InDesign CS4 One-on-One Adobe InDesign CS4 One-on-One
by Deke McClelland, David Futato
November 2008
Print: $49.99

Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition
by Erik Olson, Brian Jepson, Dick Hardt, David Futato
August 1998

Perl Resource Kit -- UNIX Edition Perl Resource Kit -- UNIX Edition
by Larry Wall, Ellen Siever, Nathan Patwardhan, Brian Jepson, David Futato
November 1997

"I like to use two different book series to learn my software: the Classroom in a Book series from rival publisher Peachpit, and these one-on-one guides from O'Reilly. However, if you put me on an island and I just had a computer, software, and some books. I would choose the one-on-ones to bring with me. Mainly, because they have always had a much better method of teaching practical application of the software’s functionality rather than just teaching the interface. With books from Deke, you know you will leave with more than a handful of golden nuggets that will help you work with the software better, and faster."
--Joseph Chabot, D-MAG.org (Digital Media Artists Group)

"It is like working with your personal coach. Adobe InDesign CS4 one-on-one will help you to use InDesign faster, more efficiently, and more creatively."
--Nadia Russ, Wonderpedia

"The book is over 500 pages long but is not overwhelming. The 12 lessons are paced really well. The independent designer or graphics person will probably appreciate the self-paced hands-on approach. People in a classroom scenario, on the other hand, will go for the structured exercises and quizzes (with answers). *Everyone* will benefit from the extra tips and the way the videos are integrated into the content of the book."
--Brett Merkey, Amazon.com