Mike Hagen

Mike Hagen, a mechanical engineer by training, worked for a semiconductor company for 10 years in various roles as an engineer, production manager and engineering manager.

His passion however is photography. He resigned from his corporate position in order to run his photography business full time. He leads photographic workshops around the USA and the world. These workshops are very successful and reach thousands of people every year. Topics include digital cameras, travel workshops, safaris, wireless flash, portrait photography, Photoshop, digital workflow, and Nikon Capture NX.

"Mike Hagen in his newest book, The Nikon Creative Lighting System | Using the SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910 and R1C1 Flashes – 2nd Edition has created the definitive guide on how to use Nikon flash. With a title that long, you just know the book is chock full of details for all the latest Nikon flash units, including the pop-up flash on many newer Nikons."
--Doug Bardwell, Examiner.com

"The task Hagen deals with is immense since each of the pieces of equipment is quite complex in its own right. Readers only need read the instructions for the pieces of equipment they own since matters applicable to all are covered in separate chapters. Hagen's writing is quite clear, and leaves no unanswered questions about the operation of particular pieces of equipment. "
--Conrad J. Obregon, Amazon.com

"Mike Hagen’s new book, The Nikon Creative Lighting System, provides an easy-to-read, soup-to-nuts, dissection of CLS and specific, detailed instructions on how to use it with just about every model of Nikon flash – both on and off camera."
--David Cardinal, Cardinal Photo

"Hagen’s book is a full-blown, step-by-step, technical how-to guide that likewise provides easy techniques for making better photographs in a variety of situations."
--Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"All you have to do is follow some of the blogs out there that talk about lighting to know that flash lighting has quietly become a big topic. Where The Nikon Creative Lighting System works is in all of the details that it goes into about the various Nikon flash systems, the controls, how they work, and how to get the most out of them. In addition to supporting the text of the book, it also does a very nice job of showing the LCD displays and what they relate to, in the flash output and the effect on the photo."
--Thomas Testi, Blogcritics.org

"For any and all Nikon users who work with any of these four systems, here is the answer to all of your flash questions and needs...It is so good that many photographers will want to buy two of them, one for in the home/office/studio and one to take out in the field."
--Paul W. Faust, Double Exposure

"The Nikon Creative Lighting System, as a manual, shines in that it is a step-by-step HOW TO manual that takes each of Nikon's SB series flash units, matches the unit with a particular camera or cameras and spells out the step-by-step sequences necessary to make the units (notice the plural) work together wirelessly. Along the way, he teaches you everything you need to know about Nikon's iTTL flash system."
--Dr. Michael Roach, DigitalAppleJuice.com