Clay Breshears

Clay Breshears

Concurrency concierge, SF reader, stained-glass artisan

Areas of Expertise:

  • Multithreaded programming (OpenMP TBB Windows Pthreads)
  • parallel and HPC programming
Clay Breshears has been with Intel since September 2000. He started as a Senior Parallel Application Engineer at the Intel Parallel Applications Center in Champaign, IL, implementing multithreaded and distributed solutions in customer applications. Clay is currently a Course Architect for Intel Innovative Software Education, specializing in multi-core and multithreaded programming and training. Before joining Intel, Clay was a Research Scientist at Rice University helping Department of Defense researchers make best use of the latest High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms and resources.

Clay received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 1996, but has been involved with parallel computation and programming for over twenty years; six of those years were spent in academia at Eastern Washington University and The University of Southern Mississippi.

The Art of Concurrency The Art of Concurrency
by Clay Breshears
May 2009
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $35.99

"The book is an enjoyable read, with lots of figures (figures that an instructor would love to display) and code to keep a reader's interest. "
--Richard E. Green,