Mark Walsen

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Mark Walsen founded Notation Software in 1994 with a mission to support creative musicians with easy-to-use software that embraces music notation as the written language. He is a strong advocate in the software industry for musicians who are discovering how their PCs can be delightful accompanists and collaborators.

Mark composes neo-classical music and plays the piano recreationally, while customers of his flagship Notation Composer product compose and arrange music in a wide variety of genres and instruments. His musical training includes two years of study at the North Carolina School of Arts and coaching under operatic composer Dr. Robert Ward.

Mark has combined his passion for music making with his 30-plus year career as a software developer. Prior to founding Notation Software, he served as Microsoft's first program manager for the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK), and also as the first program manager for the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) for Windows C++ developers.