Harald Woeste

Harald Woeste lives in Bonn, Germany where he works as a designer and photographer for international clients. Digital photograhic panoramas was the subject of his thesis at the "Universitaet der Kuenste" in Berlin, and it has become one of the tools for his work as an artist and designer. One of the widely recognized projects of Harald Woeste is the panoramic capture of the exhibit "Einstein, Engineer of the Universe" in Berlin.

"Harald Woeste’s Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography makes panoramic photography achievable to anyone who has the interest in dabbling in it. It’s not “easy,” mind you, but Mr. Woeste's easy wordings, practical visualizations and examples can make an amateur photographer dream of something bigger (figuratively and literally). "
--Donabel Beltran, San Francisco Book Review

"You will need to be familiar with photo techniques in order to understand why things work the way they do with panoramic photography, but make no mistake, learn and practice what this book teaches and you will be able to master panoramic photography."
--Paul W. Faust, Impressions of Light

"...if you have tinkered with doing panoramas and want to expand your horizons by getting a broader, more professional view than I can easily recommend Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography."
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"...if you are a photographer who wants to move beyond the simple flat image capture and processing, wants to know what's available to help you create better panoramas, and wants to see some of the possibilities available in panoramic photography, this book will provide a good introduction. "
--Conrad J. Obregon, Amazon.com