Jon Loeliger

Jon Loeliger

Git author and Open Source Advocate

Areas of Expertise:

  • Git
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing
Jon Loeliger is a freelance software engineer who contributes to Open Source projects such as Linux, U-Boot, and Git. He has given tutorial presentations on Git at many conferences including Linux World, and has written several papers on Git for Linux Magazine.

In prior lives, Jon has spent a number of years developing highly optimizing compilers, router protocols, Linux porting, and the occasional game. Jon holds degrees in Computer Science from Purdue University. In his spare time, he is a home winemaker.

Version Control with Git Version Control with Git
by Jon Loeliger, Matthew J. McCullough
Second Edition August 2012
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $38.99

Version Control with Git Version Control with Git
by Jon Loeliger
June 2009

Webcast: 5 Helpful Features of Git 1.8.0
December 07, 2012
Join us for a hands-on webcast presented by Matthew McCullough and Jon Loeliger, authors of Version Control with Git, 2nd Edition, as they take you through some highlights of the last year and a half of Git features all the way up to changes in the recently...

"Version control with Git is accessible to every developer, but is probably of serious value to those in charge of version control and release cycles. Without prior experience, it is hard to know what works best for any given project. This book provides sage advice and gives the practitioner the tools to manage projects of any size."
--Elliot Jaffe, Computing Reviews

"Two thumbs up, and maybe a tentacle too"
--Karl Fogel, Slashdot

"If you are the "Git person" at your workplace and would like to prepare to take questions from your co-workers on how to work out complex merges and misunderstandings, this is the book for you."
--Don Marti, Perforce

"Finally, we've got a one point of reference of the use and application of using GitHub."
--P. Mackie,

"Author Jon Loeliger, has done an outstanding job of writing a book that shows you how you can learn enough about basic Git operations to be productive in a short while...This most excellent book shows you why Git is a powerful, flexible, and low-overhead version control tool that makes collaborative development a pleasure. More importantly, if you read this book cover to cover, you'll discover why Git has proven valuable to a wide range of projects. "
--John Vacca,