James Johnson

When James (Jim) Johnson retired from a 25-year career as a software developer for IBM, he had already been working as a contract technical editor for Microsoft. After his retirement, technical editing and technical writing became his primary source of income to cover the cost of his 'toys'-most of which were computer equipment and photographic equipment.

Jim's involvement with cameras began in the mid '50s when he needed to record the interior of caves in Kentucky. At the time, the greatest challenge was to provide adequate illumination, and in a manner that did not defile the cave, thus he purchased a Leica 3F camera (which was the norm at that time) and experimented with numerous lighting sources. In the late '60s Jim purchased a used Nikon FTn, and it's been a progression of Nikons ever since. The Nikon 990 was his introduction to digital photography, but the D100 provided the ability to use all those SLR lenses he had accumulated over the years. A D300 is his current working tool

Jim and his wife Heather live on the California coast, with their home overlooking the Morro Bay estuary. The coast, the bays, and the mountains all combine to host a vast array of botanical subjects, which are the focus of Jim's current photographic interest. Jim is a new member of Nikonians, having been introduced to the Nikonians organization by Rocky Nook while working on Darrell Young's first book, Mastering the Nikon D300.

Canon EOS 70D Canon EOS 70D (Rocky Nook)
by James Johnson
March 2014

"...an outstanding book that provides a wealth of knowledge to both the experienced and beginner digital SLR users. Mastering the Nikon D700 by Darrell Young and James Johnson is one of the most user-friendly and easy to read guidebooks I’ve ever read. "
--Zach Solomon-Beloin, Blogcritics.org

"What is so effective about this book is the anecdotal examples throughout. The Nikon manual can be used in conjunction with Mastering the Nikon D700, and the authors refer to specific pages as we wend through the chapters and discover the many features of the camera. Where the manual gives you the nuts and bolts, Mastering the Nikon D700 takes you many steps further by giving you choices and situations which are practical and easy to understand, making it a lot more fun."
--John Nemerovski, MyMac Magazine