Mitch Allen

Mitch Allen

Mitch Allen is CTO of Software at Palm, Inc. where he has worked in various positions for 8 years starting with building and leading the software team at Handspring which conceived and developed the Treo smartphone. From webOS's conception to implementation, Mitch designed the early architecture of the webOS platform and led the development team through the initial design stage and as a result is intimately familiar with the capabilities of the platform and tools. He is currently leading the design of the developer SDK and toolsets, and working with initial developers in their use of the platform and SDK.

Previously, Mitch worked at Apple, after 15 years developing image and text processing systems at Kodak and Agfa Compugraphic. He holds a degree in Math and Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire.

Palm webOS Palm webOS
by Mitch Allen
August 2009
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $27.99

Webcast - Palm webOS: Application Basics
September 09, 2009
This session begins with an overview of the basic webOS application structure and a demo of the core SDK developer tools, and includes detail presentations on the application launch lifecycle, and Mojo controllers and methods.

Webcast: Developing Applications for webOS: A Preview
February 25, 2009
In this live, online event, Mitch Allen, Palm's Software CTO and a member of the Palm webOS™ design team, will recap the material included in the introductory chapter of Palm webOS: Developing Applications in JavaScript Using the Palm Mojo&trade...

"...a 'must' for any Palm programmer or library catering to them."
--James A. Cox, California Bookwatch: The Photography Shelf

"Overall, Palm webOS is a must-have for any developer starting to build apps for the Pre and Pixi, and a useful reference guide even for more experienced programmers. For the rest of us, it can teach us more about our devices, or perhaps even inspire us to create our own applications for ourselves or the broader webOS user community."
--Jonathan I Ezor,