Conrad Barski, M.D.

Conrad Barski, M.D.

Conrad Barski has an M.D. from the University of Miami, as well as nearly 20 years of programming experience. Currently, he is developing cardiology software for Wolters Kluwer Health. He is also an avid cartoonist, having created the popular alien Lisp mascot, as well as many graphical web tutorials, including the "Casting SPELs" series. He is active in the D.C. developer community and an organizer of FringeDC, a group interested in fringe programming languages, where he gets to indulge in his love for "Lispy" programming languages with other DC language geeks.

Realm of Racket Realm of Racket (No Starch)
by Matthias Felleisen, Conrad Barski, M.D., David Van Horn
June 2013
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $31.95

Land of Lisp Land of Lisp (No Starch)
by Conrad Barski, M.D.
November 2010
Print: $49.95
Ebook: $39.95

Webcast: Bitcoin for the Befuddled
December 03, 2014
Conrad and Chris tackle the highly technical (and sometimes confusing) subject of Bitcoin, from exploring why the idea is not as stupid as it sounds at first, to explaining advanced topics like decentralized transaction ordering, digital signatures, ...

"Although, I was able to read only the first few chapters, I can definitely say that if you want to learn the LISP language and have fun at the same time, you need this book."
--Raj Jammalamadaka, BayPIGgies

"With Land of Lisp, the power of functional programming is yours to wield."
--Steve Brock, Stevo's Book Reviews