Julie Szabo

Julie Szabo has run social media marketing campaigns for national retailers like Best Buy, Future Shop and Brother International. She has been quoted as an expert on social media on the CBC and BBC, and in Wired magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and dozens of other magazines, TV, and radio programs. Julie is a founder of Northern Voice, Canada's social media conference, and she regularly speaks around North America on social media, marketing, and emerging technology.

Friends with Benefits Friends with Benefits (No Starch)
by Darren Barefoot, Julie Szabo
November 2009
Print: $24.95
Ebook: $19.95

"Even if you’re not in the marketing department, if you’re using social media in the realms of customer support, product support, or customer education, you’ll find value in this book. Barefoot and Sbazo address how to deal with crisis issues as well as how to be a good community steward. In short, there’s something for everyone."
--Louellen Coker, STC Technical Communication

"For anyone ready to explore the realm of social media, this is your detailed map."
--Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"For anyone ready to explore the realm of social media, this is your detailed map. The authors do an excellent job of defining the terrain, surveying the landscape, and guiding the reader to every potential benefit and advantage. From both a personal and a business perspective, this book explains it all. "
--Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"The writing style is perfect for the content and explains all the terminology in detail..."
--Michael Montez, Michael Montez Online

"It’s an accessible, compelling and useful read and not just because I happen to be online myself."
--Joseph Planta, The Commentary

"Just as the title of the book suggests, the book does a fine job of outlining what social media is and how to get started with social media; perfect for the social media newbie and small business owner."
--Ricardo Bueno, Ribeezie Media

"It’s all good advice and first time social media marketers will do well to use it."
--Gaurav Mishra, 2020 Social

"Friends With Benefits - A Social Media Marketing Handbook...does an outstanding job of being the expert voice without miring the reader in the minutiae of geek-speak."
--Gargi, Heartcrossings

"Don't be surprised if you too end up with a dog-eared copy as you add to your bag of tricks."
--Dru Lavigne, Toolbox for IT

"The humour that flows through this book turns what could be a dry, but still informational, book into something that's fun to read."
--Zoltan Hunt, YYZtech.ca

"If you are looking to dabble in social media, Friends with Benefits is a must read for you. It is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time on the social media field."
--Lisa Martin, Lisa Reviews

"While a new social media handbook or how-to guide seems to be printed every week, none equals this one in depth, breadth and clarity."
--Meghan Wilker, Geek Girls Guide

"This is a book that shouldn't only be read by the front-line workers; it needs to be on the boardroom bookshelf."
--Gillian Shaw, The Vancouver Sun

"If your company looks like it is beginning to dabble in social media, then pick up Friends with Benefits so that you can understand the lingo and not look like a complete idiot when you next go to a marketing department meeting and they are all talking about things that you don't understand."
--Elizabeth Harrin, A Girl's Guide to Project Management

"If you are new to social media, this book will really help you out."
--Crissy Herron, IndieBizChicks.com

"This book is a phenomenal read."
--David Moore, macdavid pro

"If you are new to social media and want to get your business or brand off of the ground, this book should be your constant companion."
--Gwen Stackler, San Francisco Book Review

"...an excellent introduction to social media. It provides useful information, practical help, and examples of what to do as certain scenarios are played out in an easy to floow, friendly manner. If you’re looking for a good guide of all this stuff that’s happening online, this could be a useful book to have on your shelf."
--Matt Churchill, Seldom Seen Kid

"Anyone with a business, whether it's Big Business or just you working out of your living room, can benefit from the advice in this book."
--Tony Lawrence, APLawrence.com

"[T]he book would make a good resource to pass on to a client or executive you are working with who needs to learn the value and basic practicalities of social media marketing."
--Nancy Nally, WebWorkerDaily