Masaharu Takemura


Masaharu Takemura is a Lecturer at the Tokyo University of Science in biology, molecular biology, and life sciences. A Doctor of Medical Science, Takemura has written several books about biology.



“The book is a great introductory molecular biology text book explained through a manga-style narrative.”
— Charlie Schick, Life Blog
“A single tortured cry will escape the lips of every thirtysomething biochem major who sees this book: “Why, oh why couldn’t this have been written when I was in college?””
— Michelle Kerns, Examiner
“...a great introduction into the field and an enjoyable read.”
— Geoff Hotchkiss, Computer Science House
“This is a well written text that wraps an interesting story around the scholarly quest for understanding and may be recommended for inquisitive young minds. ”
— John A. Wass, Scientific Computing
The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology makes it possible for a 10-year-old to develop a decent working knowledge of a subject that sends most college students running for the hills.”
— Brian Dunning, Skepticblog
“ was a fun and entertaining journey through elementary molecular biology, with lots of cartoons, and even some explanations of modern day science that is making waves, like knockout animals, stem cell research, and gene therapy. ”
— Scicurious, Neurotopia
“This is a fascinating and illustrative guide to a field which has implications to all of us biologists and laymen alike. ”
— Ira Laefsky,
“Apart from being a marvellous introduction to molecular biology this Manga guide is a great example of how graphics can be used to explain complex scientific concepts. ”
— Major Keary, Linux Users of Victoria Inc.
“I enjoyed this book on two different levels. I needed a refresher in molecular biology...I needed the manga tale also, to remind me how small our planet is getting and how transnational science, culture and education are today.”
— Jack Woehr, Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk
“The ability to go back and forth between the non-traditional manga themed lesson and the regular text book style is very helpful for all readers. ”
“[T]he basic concepts are presented in such a manner as to make them stick in the reader's mind. ”
— Nancy Gail, Blogcritics
“If you’re in class and need a little help or inspiration in learning a particularly dry molecular biology subject, or if you know someone who do, check out the Manga Guide to Molecular Biology.”
— Alex Santoso, Neatorama
“[T]his quirky and cute approach sure beats a dry academic text, and may be a great way to attract brainy middle school girls to subjects that will pay off later in their lives.”
— Nicole M. Robertson, The Oakland Press
“[I]f you have an interest in molecular biology for any reason, I highly recommend this manga book.”
— Astronerdboy's Anime & Manga Blog
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— Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor