NK Guy

NK Guy is a Canadian writer and photographer living in Britain. He specializes in travel photography and event portraiture, is the author of the Photographer's Dictionary and is the creator of PhotoNotes.org, a popular online resource for photographic education. He no longer lives aboard a barge on the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal in London, but wishes he still did because it makes for great book bio copy.

"I think it would be worth reading for a wide range of photographers, not only beginners, but also seasoned veterans that often don't spend too much time investigating lens (because, unlike me, who spend too much time on gear, they are busy taking great pictures). Bottom line, the book can help you save an outrageous amount of time and even some significant amount of money. Since lens aren't cheap and a bad choice can badly affect your wallet."
--Foti Massimo, Amazon.com

"I have seen a lot of books that cover flash photography, but not one that is as complete and authoritative as Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography especially with regard to the use and function of the flash. It is well written, extremely easy to understand and is filled with images that display what the author is describing."
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics.org