Charles Platt

Charles Platt

Designer/fabricator and journalist/photographer

Phoenix, Arizona

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Charles Platt became interested in computers when he acquired an Ohio Scientific C4P in 1979. He developed software for his own mail-order business and taught numerous computer classes, eventually specializing in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. He wrote five computer books during the 1980s and designed many electronics projects.

After a long association with Wired magazine, where he was a Senior Writer, Charles began developing projects for Make magazine and is currently a contributing editor. When not writing books and magazine features, he designs and builds prototypes in his workshop in a northern Arizona wilderness area.

Areas of Expertise:

  • electronics
  • circuits
  • schematics
  • gadgets
  • hobbies
  • DIY
  • make
  • making
  • building
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing



“Even as a trained electronics engineer, the book is a good refresher.”
— Philipp Marek,
“It's a complete and detailed reference and the information is presented logically and in an appealing way.”
— Dan Hanson,
“A bald-faced look at building electronics, this book strikes one with a jolt of interest from page one...The clear language impressed me the most, for even my seven-year-old son was able to read and grasp the points and lessons therein…...this is a book for beginners, families, future geeks and hobbyists alike.”
— Meredith Greene, Sacramento Book Review
“A fabulous book: well written, well paced, fun, and informative. I also love the sense of humor. It's very good at disarming the fear. And it's *gorgeous.* I'll be recommending this book highly.”
— Tom Igoe, author of Physical Computing and Making Things Talk