J.D. Roth

J.D. Roth

Accidental personal-finance expert.

Portland, Oregon

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J.D. Roth is an accidental personal-finance expert--a regular guy who found himself deep in debt. After deciding to turn his life around, he read everything he could about money and finance. In 2006, he started the award-winning website Get Rich Slowly, which Money Magazine named the Web's most inspiring personal-finance blog. Over the past four years, Get Rich Slowly has grown into an active community where thousands of readers a month share ideas on how to improve their financial lives. J.D. lives with his wife and four cats in a hundred-year-old house in Portland, Oregon.

Your Money: The Missing Manual Your Money: The Missing Manual
by J.D. Roth
March 2010
Print: $32.99
Ebook: $28.99

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The clean slate

January 17 2020

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Take the Pain Out of Saving Money
April 01, 2010
In this live event, Mac Slocum, online editor for O'Reilly Media, will conduct a video interview with J.D. Roth, financial expert and author of Your Money: The Missing Manual. Roth will discuss practical tips for saving money and helpful techniques that...

"A book that everyone should have on hand."
--Philippa Lane, Amazon.com

"This really is the book I wish I’d read, (and kept to refer to) when I was twenty years old and in my first adult job. (Administrative Assistant at a marketing firm in New York City.) Luckily, it’s still a valuable resource when a gal is working her way through her early forties."
--Katy Wolk-Stanley, Non-Consumer Advocate

"...a top all-around financial guide any consumer or student will relish."
--Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch: The Money/Finance Shelf

"...The author doesn't claim to have all the answers: throughout the easy-to-read book there are notes about websites and other books for further reading."
--The Associated Press, The Oakland Tribune

"...a comprehensive book filled with practical advice. "
--Kimberly Nicoletti, Summit Daily News

"Your Money: The Missing Manual offers sensible advice for getting the most from your money. "
--Steve Bush, New Equipment Digest, May 2010

"Your Money: The Missing Manual is a must read. Everyone will walk away with a few tips that they can apply to your life and save some money in the process."
--Lisa Martin, Lisa Reviews

"...if you are just starting your business, you absolutely must read this book. It will anchor you on some sound principals that will help you be a long term success."
--Bradford Shimp, all business answers

"Had I read Roth's book and followed even a small bit of his advice we would have been so much better off."
--Lynda Lippin, Blogcritics.org

"If you need a book on personal finance, Your Money: The Missing Manual is a solid choice. It gets all the important stuff right, and does a great job of distinguishing between that stuff (that you have to get right) and the peripheral stuff (that you can do any of several different ways, as long as you do it)."
--Philip Brewer, Wise Bread

"If you’ve read personal finance advice and never found it very approachable or relatable, Your Money: The Missing Manual is a great solution to that problem."
--Trent Hamm, The Christian Science Monitor

"...this is a solid 9/10 and recommended."
--Mark Dykeman, Broadcasting Brain

"...this book is a great consolidation of financial common sense wisdom that will benefit even the most accomplished financial novice."
--John Vacca, Amazon.com

"All I can say is, where has this book been all my life!...I receive many books that after I read, I give away, I can honestly say that this is one book that I will be keeping for myself. Also, I know this is a book that if one in which I will read over and over and use as a reference guide as I get older."
--Dad of Divas, An Island Life

"Your Money: The Missing Manual is not a cutesy quick-fix for those of you with the 'McDonalds Mentality.' If you're looking for something like that, keep looking. But if you're looking for a real manual, a text book if you will, on money management, spending habits, and the psychological insight needed to understand why we do some of the dunderheaded things we do, this could be your ticket. Your Money The Missing Manual can show you how to get out of debt and to truly understand what makes you, personally, tick. You will learn how to manage your resources so that you can pursue the things/activities that make you truly happy."
--Artie Alinikoff, MyMac Magazine

"J. D. Roth's book is a much-needed dose of reality in the world of personal finance, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to "clean house" when it comes to their financial affairs."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"It's a good book to have around, and to get in the habit of reading frequently."
--Dan Serra, McClatchy-Tribune News Service

"Your Money: The Missing Manual a good, basic manual on learning how to manage your money in such a way that it doesn't consume you. "
--Miranda Marquit, AllBusiness.com