Earle Castledine

Sporting a Masters in Information Technology and a lifetime of experience on the "web of hard knocks", Earle Castledine (Mr Speaker) holds an interest in everything to do with computers. A Senior Systems Analyst and JavaScript expert - he is equally happy in the muddy pits of .NET code as in the fluffy fields of client-side interaction development. Co-creator of the client-side opus TurnTubelis, Earle recognizes the Internet not as a lubricant for social change, but as a vehicle for unleashing frivolous ECMAScript gadgets and interesting time-wasting technologies.

Jump Start CoffeeScript Jump Start CoffeeScript (SitePoint)
by Earle Castledine
December 2012
Print: $24.95
Ebook: $19.00

jQuery: Novice to Ninja jQuery: Novice to Ninja (SitePoint)
by Earle Castledine, Craig Sharkie
Second Edition February 2012
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $29.00

Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices (SitePoint)
by Earle Castledine, Myles Eftos, Max Wheeler
June 2011
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $29.00

"Their well-illustrated, 256-page book is written in a smooth, accessible style that moves quickly to the point of each chapter and example."
--Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions