Carl Siechert

Carl Siechert specializes in implementing and documenting operating system technologies. He has coauthored several Windows-related books, including the popular Windows Vista Inside Out, Deluxe Edition, with Ed Bott and Craig Stinson.

"Advanced users wanting to know about Windows 7's every function, and who want to fully customize the operating system to their very specific needs, should own Windows 7 Inside Out Deluxe Edition. If the authors haven't covered a particular concern or function, you probably do not need to know about it!"
--Kit O'Toole,

"An excellent desk reference (as well as physical workout accessory)."
--Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"Windows 7 Inside Out by Ed Bott, et al, is probably the most comprehensive reference book on Windows 7 in the market place today...Reading this book is a joy. "
--John Barnett, Microsoft MVP, Windows User

"...the book is highly recommended, both as a book for beginners (since the early chapters provide the information the beginner needs) and as a reference book for the advanced users who want all the details (mostly in the latter chapters). "
--Ken Blake, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society, April 2010, Volume 28, Number 4

"...a solid reference guide for IT Pros and Tech Enthusiasts alike."
--Stephen L. Rose, The Windows Blog