Eric Brechner

Eric Brechner, Director of Development Excellence at Microsoft Corporation, has more than two decades experience in the software industry. He began writing "Hard Code" in 2001 as a resource for Microsoft employees. Since then, the opinion column has ignited an ongoing discussion of best practices among the thousands of software development engineers at Microsoft-and now, to the rest of the development community.

"All in all a very interesting read: surely you'll end up in several of the situations described by the author, and read his advice to avoid the harmful effects and - especially - as foreseen in the future could be very useful. "
--Luigi Zambetti,

"If you work in software development, software testing or software project management, you need this book. If you are connected to any aspect of a company where software and “progress” are supposed to be the most important products, you need this book. And if you are planning to pursue a career anywhere in the world of software development, you definitely need this book."
--Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions