Ted Roden

Ted Roden

New York, New York

Ted Roden was the first full-time developer hired on at Vimeo.com, and currently works in the Research and Development group at The New York Times. His work researching and prototyping topics closely related to the content of this book has been profiled by Harvard University's Nieman Journalism Lab (http://bit.ly/f7rdJ and http://bit.ly/YzELI). At the Times, he has also worked on bringing election night coverage, maps, and updates to the mobile website, as well as March Madness fantasy brackets. He is also the creator of a popular social bookmarking site: enjoysthin.gs.

Building the Realtime User Experience Building the Realtime User Experience
by Ted Roden
July 2010
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $27.99

"In order to program the real time web, it’s necessary to understand and work with the new protocols and the book does a good job to taking a programmer though simple applications that can created fairly easily in Python with the right software libraries installed on your computer."
--Marshall Sponder, WebMetricsGuru

"Building the Realtime User Experience will guide, in very direct language, that developer who has just taken on the task of building a server push application. "
--Brett Merkey, Amazon.com

"Do you want to build truly realtime web applications and experiences? If you do, then this book is for you."
--ambrogio boy, Slashdot.org