Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D.

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For over 19 years, Dr. Jonathan Reichental has been helping organizations across the world leverage the value of information and communications technology to solve business problems, increase effectiveness, and support revenue growth opportunities. He spent over a decade at a Big 4 consulting firm focusing on IT strategy and innovation, delivering specific expertise in emerging technologies and the impact of macro trends such as demography on organizational success.

As CIO of O'Reilly Media, he is leading an IT transformation that will innovate around how technology is delivered internally to the organization and how it can enable growth in industries that are changing rapidly.

Dr. Reichental is also a highly sought-after public speaker and presents on a range of subjects. He is interviewed often and has been featured in CIO magazine, InformationWeek and Computerworld. His TV appearances include a segment on CNBC. 
You can follow him on the O'Reilly Media IT transformation journey through Twitter via @reichental.