Jonathan Simon

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Jonathan Simon


Jonathan Simon is a developer and interaction designer that loves to make great apps for people to use, and he loves to help other people make them too. He's worked on a dizzying array of platforms and customers from trading systems built in Java/Swing for major Wall Street investment banks, to collaborative websites built in Ruby on Rails, and now mobile. Jonathan is a senior engineer at, a Yelp for the outdoors.

Jonathan is also an active percussionist and composer able to lay down some massive drum set funk, or thrill audiences with Klezmer and ragtime xylophone. If he's not coding, or playing music, he's likely riding or building a bike, or perfecting the perfect espresso extraction. And of course, nothing would be possible without his amazing peleo-molecular-bio-inorganic-geo-chemical-oceanographer wife Felisa or their dog Billie.