Dustin Boswell

Dustin Boswell

software engineer

Los Angeles, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • backend
  • systems
  • websites
  • machine learning
  • big data.
Although raised in the circus, Dustin Boswell realized early on that he was better at computers than at acrobatics. Dustin received his B.S. from Caltech, where he got hooked on computer science, and then went to UC San Diego for his master’s degree. He worked at Google for five years, on a variety of projects including web crawling infrastructure. He's built numerous websites and enjoys working on "big data" and machine learning. Dustin is now an Internet startup junkie who spends his free time hiking the Santa Monica mountains and being a new dad.

The Art of Readable Code The Art of Readable Code
by Dustin Boswell, Trevor Foucher
November 2011
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $38.99

"This is a book that I wish was on my son's required reading list. Not that his code is hard to read (for someone in their first programming class), but that there are all kinds of bad habits that wouldn't need to be broken if he and his classmates spent some time learning what good code looks like before they started to write their own."
--Pat Eyler, On Ruby

"If you care about writing maintainable code, whether it be in JavaScript or any other language, this book is a great read. Those who never stopped to consider how their coding style affects the maintainability of their code should definitely pick up this book to get a nice overview of the issues."
--Nicholas C. Zakas, NCZOnline

"I would make this book an indispensable resource for every good programmer. A book to read and reread at regular intervals (just to refresh its memory)."
--Luigi Zambetti, Dotnethell.it

"So far, The Art of Readable Code is a GREAT book! "
--John Carmack, Twitter.com

"I'm about 70 pages in to The Art of Readable Code. Brilliant book. First programming book I've felt I could read all night."
--Scott Moyers, Twitter.com