Terence Craig

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Terence is CEO and CTO of PatternBuilders, a Big Data Analytics solutions and services company. He has an extensive background in building, implementing, and selling analytically-driven enterprise applications across such diverse domains as enterprise resource planning (ERP), professional services automation (PSA), and semi-conductor process control and analytics in both public and private companies.

With over 20 years of experience in both executive and technical management roles with leading-edge private and public technology companies, Terence brings a unique and innovative view of what is needed-from both an operational and technology perspective-to build a world class analytics platform that is focused on the innovative development of analytic applications designed to improve companies' and organizations' profitability and efficiencies. Terence is also a speaker, blogger (on all things big data and analytics plus lots of other stuff), and co-author of "Privacy and Big Data." Never shy to share his opinion, Terence had this to say during a round table discussion at pii2011 about big data information collection that was used to break down the door of an innocent family: "It used to be that it took weeks to accumulate that data. Now technology allows stupid people to be stupid much faster." (T-Shirts are in the works and will be available for purchase soon).