Dani Nordin

Dani Nordin


Dani Nordin is the founder and principal designer of the zen kitchen, where you'll find tasty marketing and design ideas with an eco-friendly twist. She has over 10 years of experience designing award-winning work for small to large businesses and non-profits.



Webcast: Effective UX Design with Patterns: Build and Leverage a Pattern Library for Rapid Iteration and Prototyping September 10, 2015 In this webcast, Harvard Business Review's Senior UX Designer, Dani Nordin, will describe the process we have been working on to document existing design patterns and create a working set of elements that allow both for rapid iteration of design prototypes...
Webcast: Better Drupal UX Design with Savvy User Research March 27, 2014 UX Designer and Drupal for Designers author Dani Nordin will share techniques she has used to help web teams uncover the true needs of their audience and create better projects.
Webcast: Drupal for Designers: Talking to Clients about Drupal November 15, 2011 In this webcast, Dani Nordin, author of the Drupal for Designers series, will walk you through the process of working with clients through the Drupal design process.
Webcast: Bringing strategic UX to Drupal projects June 22, 2012 In this webcast presentation, Drupal for Designers author Dani Nordin will talk about the process of user experience design for the Drupal CMS, and some specific techniques and tools which can help make the process easier.


“Drupal is a real difficult Content Management System to master and this book does a great job of teaching you the basics and how to create different themes.”
— Stephaine Szostak, cybertron reviews
“If you're the kind of designer who's willing to dig into a little bit of code, this book will shorten your Drupal learning curve considerably.”
— Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly, Issue #237 October 2012
“Web designers who will be working on Drupal projects, should be well rewarded in choosing this book as a solid starting point for their studies.”
— Michael J. Ross, Web Developer, Slashdot.org