Michael Puleio

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Michael Puleio is a senior software developer, pragmatic agilist, and coffee addict. He has worked for Microsoft(R) for over 10 years, and is currently a member of the patterns & practices (p&p) team. At p&p, he has delivered applied engineering guidance in a number of areas, including Windows(R) client development (with Prism 4 and the Smart Client Software Factory), the web space (in the Web Guidance projects and the Web Client Software Factory). He also contributed to guidance on data access technologies and acceptance testing. Before joining the p&p team, Michael developed applications, embedded systems, and services at MSNTV (formerly WebTV) and MSN. Previous to Microsoft, Michael worked on a range of software challenges, including computer reservation systems, web application development, and 3D modeling for geophysics. Michael blogs at blogs.msdn.com/mpuleio.