Christopher Cunningham

Christopher Cunningham is a well-respected software architect and developer who helped found ChroniQL, an early gamification solution, beamME a mobile social application and TrekMail, a breakthrough mobile email/text application that was sold to Visto in 2005. Christopher has deep expertise with agile development processes and distributed team management. He divides his time between Europe and the US, which is marginally more glamorous than it sounds.

Gamification by Design Gamification by Design
by Christopher Cunningham, Gabe Zichermann
August 2011

"It will certainly set any reader in good stead with regard to gamification."
--Romi Mahajan, Research Access

"This book brought me to a new, important understanding that is critical for the success of my personal vision. Reading this book was one of those "Aha!" moments were I learned something I didn't know was there and realized it was important to have in my continued success."
--David Bishop, Bishop Universe