Maksim Tsvetovat

Maksim Tsvetovat

Social Network Analysis expert, agent-based modeler, jazz musician, father

Washington, District Of Columbia

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Maksim Tsvetovat is an interdisciplinary scientist, a software engineer, and a jazz musician. He has received his doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University in the field of Computation, Organizations and Society, concentrating on computational modeling of evolution of social networks, diffusion of information and attitudes, and emergence of collective intelligence. Currently, he teaches social network analysis at George Mason University. He is also a co-founder of DeepMile Networks, a startup company concentrating on mapping influence in social media. Maksim also teaches executive seminars in social network analysis, including "Social Networks for Startups" and "Understanding Social Media for Decisionmakers".

Areas of Expertise:

  • social network analysis
  • social media
  • twitter
  • graph theory
  • centrality
  • clustering
  • agent-based systems
  • e-commerce
  • big data problems
  • distributed computation
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing



Webcast: Community Detection in Social Media Data March 05, 2013 In this webcast talk Maksim Tsvetovat author of Social Network Analysis for Startups will introduce a number of ways to address these issues and present an open-source Python-based toolkit for detecting and visualizing communities in Twitter networks...
Webcast: Using Python for Social Network Analysis Online November 02, 2012 Join us for a fascinating webcast where we will talk about discourse mapping and understanding networks of people that form around conversation topics.
Webcast: Analyzing Social Networks on Twitter November 09, 2011 This course will cover: harvesting data from Twitter via search and streaming APIs, decomposing Tweets into constituent parts, fast-and-frugal content analysis of tweets, deriving and analyzing social network data found in tweets, and analyzing friends...
Webcast: Social Network Analysis -- Finding communities and influencers December 06, 2011 A follow-on to Analyzing Social Networks on Twitter, this webcast will concentrate on the social component of Twitter data rather then the questions of data gathering and decomposition.
Webcast: How do things go viral? Information diffusion in social networks. May 22, 2012 In this webcast, we will talk about the viral nature of information, adoption of attitudes and memes, and the way social networks evolve at the same time as people's attitudes and desires.