Jon Bruner

Jon Bruner

Jon Bruner is a data journalist who approaches questions that interest him by writing and coding. Before coming to O'Reilly, where he is editor-at-large, he was data editor at Forbes Magazine. He lives in New York, where he can occasionally be found at the console of a pipe organ.

What Is the Internet of Things? What Is the Internet of Things?
by Jon Bruner, Mike Loukides
January 2015

Building a Solid World Building a Solid World
by Jon Bruner, Mike Loukides
February 2014

Industrial Internet Industrial Internet
by Jon Bruner
March 2013

Dirty Politics, Dirty Data Dirty Politics, Dirty Data
by Jon Bruner
March 2011

Webcast: From Idea to Prototype
June 21, 2016
In a condensed version of our IoT tutorial presented at LiveWorx, you will connect a sensor, create an application for it, and then experience it in augmented reality.

Webcast: Building Internet of Things Apps With Superpowers
December 10, 2015
Join an interactive discussion with Joe Biron, VP of IoT Platform Strategy at ThingWorx, and moderator Jon Bruner, Director of Hardware & IoT at O'Reilly, as they describe the right considerations for IoT application modeling.

Webcast: Storing Machine Data in the Cloud
October 29, 2015
This live webcast will help you to better understand the life of a message flowing from the edge to the cloud and to you.

Webcast: Life on “The Edge” of the IoT
September 22, 2015
During this webcast you will learn the pros and cons of the various approaches used to create fast data applications.

Strata Online Conference: Mobility, Data, and Analytics
June 05, 2013
In this Strata Online event, we'll look at some of the ways the rise of the always-on world is feeding the hungry engines of Big Data.

Webcast: Getting Started on the Industrial Internet
April 23, 2013
Join us for a live webcast presented by Jon Bruner where we discuss how the industrial internet brings the intelligence and fast innovation of software to the world of big machines making the physical world accessible to anyone who can program a microcontroller...