Peter Gasston

Peter Gasston has been a web developer for over 10 years in both agency and corporate settings. He was one of the original contributors to, the leading online destination for CSS3. Peter has been published in the UK's .net magazine, gives talks about CSS and web technologies at developer conferences, and runs the web development blog Broken Links. He lives in London, England.

The Modern Web The Modern Web (No Starch)
by Peter Gasston
April 2013
Print: $34.95
Ebook: $27.95

The Book of CSS3 The Book of CSS3 (No Starch)
by Peter Gasston
May 2011

"Overall, a very solid book, one I'd have no problem recommending for a web developer looking to make the move to CSS3."
--William Springer, Vulcan Ears Book Reviews

"I absolutely love this book! Peter has an amazing ability to reduce the complexities of CSS3 into easy, and understandable verbage...This has become my new go-to reference for all things CSS3."
--Gregory Zentkovich,

"If you have been interested in the wild world of CSS3 and wanted a one stop shop to help get your head around it, The Book of CSS3 is a great first stop."
--Michael Larsen, TESTHEAD

"...informative and even witty at times but cuts straight to the point instead of being overly verbose. He does a great job of explaining each property quickly and getting to what you really want to see: the syntax."
--Joshua Johnson, Design Shack